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Viewers for DRAWxtl

Information about VRML is available at The VRML Repository. Viewers and browsers may be obtained through the links available there. Other platform-independent, freeware viewers for VRML97 can be found at sourceforge.net.

One choice for a VRML97 viewer in Windows or Mac is Cortona VRML Client, which is a plugin for Firefox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Netscape browsers. For VRML 1.0 compatibility, you will also need the VRML 1.0 Converter.

A platform-independent, freeware viewer for VRML97 is FreeWRL.

A new viewer for VRML1.0 and VRML97, with support for Windows, OS X, and Linux, is view3dscene.

The source of information about POV renderers and other documentation is through The Persistence Of Vision-Raytracer official home page.

To obtain the patched program for viewing side-by-side stereoscopic images, please browse to http://stereopov.ichthyostega.de.

Although not a viewer, DRAWxtl uses program MSMS by Sanner as a helper in one of the methods used to calculate void volumes.

Please send comments to Larry Finger, Martin Kroeker, or Brian Toby.